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Organization Background

New Wave Learning Center was started in May 2009 by children right activist, parents and local people to help around 120 children who don’t have chance to learn from Mae Sot area. While there are more than 60 migrant schools in the Mae Sot and Phopra areas 20,000 out of the 30,000 children of Migrant workers in Mae Sot , Thailand and students in Myawaddy , Burmese cannot attend those schools for various reasons such as limited space, no school bus in their areas, cost of school uniforms ,materials …etc.
New wave learning center was formed to try to solve this situation.
The overall project aim is to support and assist children of migrant people who need to learn and continue their education.
If these young students are lack of future career in their lives, it will surely lead to severe consequences such as involvement in criminal cases (narcotic trafficking, sex or flesh trade, stealing and gambling etc.) as a result of mental depression and frustrations.
Finally it will also be a threat to regional security of Thailand and Burma.

For these reasons, it is urgently necessary to make plan of school for migrant students from displaced people.

We would be very obliged if we are funded and we promise to do our best for our children and students.
For implementation of such a plan, we need the kind support of powerful and influential organization.
Our aims and objectives of this program are only for students those who are in needs. We guarantee sincerely for our concepts.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

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